2016 Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

Fruity Notes: white peach, apricot, bosc pear, passionfruit, lemon zest
Floral Notes: Jasmine


2016 Chilean Sauvignon Blanc – Headed back to the tropics with this sun-kissed bombshell. Just like the label, this wine has spent some time in the sun and everything about it just oozes sunshine. From the crisp golden color to the notes of ripe stone fruits like apricot and white peach that jump out of the glass. Drink this one cold with some sushi, ceviche or spicy Vietnamese pho.

I was lucky enough to work with two artists on this white wine project. I was super intrigued by the meta nature of the art from Australian artist @karen-farmer. She paints pictures of other street artists in action, how cool is that?! The artist depicted on this label is none other than Trenton, NJ-based @aerosolon aka Leon Rainbow. I briefed Karen on the location and rough tasting notes of the Sauv Blanc and she went to work sourcing an image that she felt would mesh with the vibe of the wine. She then created an oil painting using the photo of Leon mid-mural. Super cool!